Chinese food philosophy


To understand the philosophy of chinese cooking is to understand the philosophy of Yin and Yang that underlies the whole of chinese culture. Yin and Yang is a concept based around the idea of opposites in balance, whether feminine or masculine, hot or cold, dark or bright, according to which the chinese inherently arrange and perceive their world.


In the kitchen, the chinese chef consciously or unconsciously cooks according to the combination of Yin and Yang. Like any other art form, cooking is reliant on the senses sight, hearing, smell, touch and of course taste. Successful cooking also requires a "sixth sense"of refined intuition. This "feeling"for food comes with cooking the same dish over and over again. It comes from experience, experimenting and knowledge of different produce and its characteristics.


At Bei Jing Home, we encourage our chefs to cook not only with their senses, but also with love. Any chef should love to cook, and be proud of it. We believe that in this way the senses add quality to the art of cooking and our chefs work with intuition and soul as well as their cooking skills to achieve our customers satisfaction. Therefore, our menu came together with a balance of flavours, textures, colours, food types and cooking methods. A balance of contrasts and similarity, a balance of Yin and Yang.


We would like the restaurant to be small but feel lively. We want people to feel comfortable and relaxed, and we want to offer them an eating experience that is fresh, delicious and perhaps a little different. We proudly introduce some new "fusion"dishes, not only Chinese but also from Korean and Japanese cooking traditions. The creative mind worked together with an understanding of our customer's eating tendencies. We have used our experience to try to step even closer to European eating culture.


At Bei Jing Home we will always try our best to meet your satisfaction. Enjoy!